New Identity, Same Goal



You’re probably wondering what birds and hyssop have to do with marketing. I thought I would share about how this name came to be and why I felt the need to rebrand.


My journey to being an entrepreneur isn’t very exciting. In fact, entrepreneurship kind of fell into my lap. I didn’t grow up thinking I would own a business. I went to college (Gig ‘em Aggies!), studied marketing, graduated, got a job… the usual track. I went against all business school advice and started working at a small business. Like, so small that I was running everything from payroll to client management to marketing to office manager to event planning. I did everything.

It wasn’t until the business started growing that I started moving more and more into a strictly marketing role. The owner is an entrepreneur at heart and suggested one day that I start my own business, and his company could be my first client.


After a few years of being in business, I discovered through Instagram (see, social media CAN be good!) that one of my friends from growing up works for Donald Miller. I read his book Blue Like Jazz in high school, so I was curious as to why she was working for him. Down the rabbit hole I went and found out that Donald Miller started a marketing company called StoryBrand and he was launching a book.

After reading Building a StoryBrand, I was hooked. Where has this been all my life?? I finally found a proven tool and framework that I could confidently use with clients.

Building a StoryBrand

I loved it so much that I traveled to Nashville and became trained and certified in the StoryBrand framework.

Web - StoryBrand Guide Badge


This rebrand was for me. I value meaning immensely, so it started to bother me that my business goals, message, and mission weren’t aligning with my business name and branding (or lack thereof). I am so excited that this new brand pulls everything together so beautifully!


The concept of bird + hyssop marketing came together about a year ago when I started brainstorming a new identity for my business.


Being an entrepreneur became more special when I had my daughter Ava. Modeling for her that hard work and using her talents to better her family and community is important is one of my missions for my business. I look forward to when I can start having her learn about what I do and help her dream about what she wants to do with her talents!

When I decided to change my business name, I knew that I wanted to pay homage to her. The name Ava is from the Latin “avis” meaning “bird”, hence the first part of bird + hyssop.


The hyssop plant was used by ancient Jews as a purification tool. Before Passover, the Israelites in Egypt dipped a hyssop branch in the blood of lamb to spread over their doorways so that the Lord would pass over their house. (Exodus 12)

In Psalm 51 King David prays “Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.”

And finally, Jesus, just before he said “It is finished”, was fed the sour wine with a hyssop branch on the cross. This was symbolizing that Jesus was the final Passover lamb, dying so that those who believe would be forever purified. (John 19)


A clear marketing message is the best way to grow your business. When you clarify (or purify) your message, your marketing will take your business to new heights. You will start to soar!

Put together bird + hyssop simple means this:

When you clarify your brand message so that it resonates with your customers, your marketing will soar.

That’s my goal for you! That your marketing would take you to new heights in your business!


This new identity could not have happened without the help of some amazing entrepreneurs!

The crazy talented Kindly by Kelsea developed this elegant brand. Kelsea completely brought to life my vision for bird + hyssop marketing. Check out her other work on her Instagram.

bird + hyssop marketing

My gorgeous new website was designed by the incredibly gifted digitalemonade. Alexis designed a sleek, refreshing site for me and I’m forever grateful. Take a look at my new website!

Thanks for reading! If you ever feel stuck in what to say about your business, send me a message. I’d love to help you work through it.

May your marketing soar!