The best investment I made for my home-based business.

Entrepreneurship has been one, giant, on-going course in business. I mean, who needs to go to business school {I mean, I did} when you are getting crash courses everywhere you turn? You get real-world experience simply by being in business.
One thing I’ve been learning struggling with lately is exactly what to focus on. I am an idea person. I can think of ideas ALL DAY, but I have the hardest time with settling with one idea {for a time} and moving forward. I’ve had to really decipher what is most important and what can wait. Anyone relate?
On top of that, I am a consultant working out of my home. And I’m a mom to a toddler. So that set up presents it owns challenges. Working-from-home-moms, can I get an AMEN?!
Work life looked a little bit like this: wake up, feed Little Bit breakfast, make coffee, wait for my nanny to arrive, then I’d head into my “office”.20171209_112337
2017-12-09 16.12.57
Yes, that thing was my office/guest bedroom/extra storage/junk room. Can anyone else relate?
After sighing and shaking my head, I would grab my work bag and head to the couch, computer on lap and work spread out on the couch. You can only imagine how unproductive I was. Sweet Ava trying to “help” me type, my losing focus or being tempted to watch my latest recorded show, the list went on.
Bottom line: my productivity level was LOW.
I became fed up with the way things were going. I knew that if I really wanted to grow my business and achieve my goals of expanding my team and help more entrepreneurs, something had to change.
I will tell you- the best investment that I’ve made in my business so far: a dedicated office space. Not only a dedicated space, but a dedicated space organized by the professionals.
I found this great company Organized Life Design in Houston, TX. Because of the amazing experience I had with them, I wanted to give them a shout out and show you the amazing work they did!
When I reached out to Meggie, I was at my wits end. She asked me, “What do you need help with?” And I’m pretty sure I said “Everything! I don’t where to start, I just know something needs to change. Help!” Once I had all my questions answered and was ready to move forward, Miriam, head organizer, came over and began working her magic! She helped me decide whether to keep, throw away, or donate each item. I was amazed at how much JUNK I had collected over the years. Miriam helped me transform my dysfunctional, cluttered, sad excuse of an office into a clean, crisp, beautiful working space.
I think the pictures speak for themselves. Here is the transformation over the two work days we had.
After work day 1:
2017-12-09 16.12.59
After work day 2:
I am in love with my new office. Isn’t it pretty?!
3 reasons I recommend professional organizers:
-They help you decide {quickly} whether to keep, donate, or throw away.
-They take care of the dirty work like picking up supplies and taking items to be donated.
-They help you find the organizational supplies that will work best for you.
Organized Life Design helped me created a functional working space where I can be creative and productive while I work toward my goals. The clean, simple working space allows me to make room in my brain. It allows for me to process through all of my ideas and make a better decision on which idea to run with. Clearing the clutter mentally and physically has been a game-changer!
Is there any area in your business that needs some TLC? Comment and let me know what you’ll invest in to grow your business!

*Bookshelf and desk from Wayfair; Calendar by Lindsay’s Letters (Creatives Calendar); Office chair from Container Store