Conquer the IG algorithm changes like a boss

Social media has become a big part of the business world. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have played a huge part in bridging the gap between company and consumer. Now more than ever brands are able to connect on a more personal level with their followers, converting clients into brand ambassadors.
While social media is a great tool to use in marketing, I would argue that you shouldn’t put all of your marketing eggs in that basket.
Why? Say it with me!
You’ve probably been hearing buzz about algorithm changes and how they can affect you. Maybe you’re well-versed in the changes. If so, you can tune out.
But I have a feeling most of you are in this boat:
What the heck is going on?!? And how is this going to affect my business? Ugh….
Portrait of an attractive woman at table grabbing her head
This is about how I feel every time an algorithm change is launched. How about you?!
So here’s what’s going on:
Instagram (and Facebook) are trying to get back to the reason they started. Understandable. They want people to focus on the personal interaction aspect of social media, so bots are no longer being tolerated.
  • Hashtags used over and over could be counted as spam. (It makes you look like you’re a bot.)
  • Comments under 4 words could lessen your engagement. (Thank you again, bots.)
  • When you post on IG, only 10% of your audience sees it initially. If the new post does well engagement-wise AND it does as well or better than your previous posts, then it will be released to the remaining 90%.
  • Hashtags in your comments will no longer show up in search results.
  • Using all 30 of your “allotted” hashtags may not result in better engagement.
Before you pull your hair out, delete your IG account, burn your phone (too far?)…
Take a breath.
Social media shouldn’t be a thorn in your side. It should be a place where you can authentically connect with your audience no matter where they are in the world.
Like I said, I don’t recommend putting all of your marketing eggs in the social media basket. But I do recommend staying current with changes so that you’re serving and connecting with your audience well.
Remember, they follow YOU for a reason!
I’ve gathered ideas to help you stay ahead of the curve on these changes.
Foil the Formula: 7 Ways to Conquer the IG Algorithm will help you update your IG strategy so that you stay in front of your followers.
And now enjoy this pretty picture to bring your stress level back down…
Better? I’m glad!
Please comment or email me if you have any questions.
Talk to you soon!
P.S.- A post about changes to the Facebook algorithm is coming. Stay tuned!
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