Business Boutique 2017

Christy Wright, an author, Certified Business Coach and Ramsey Personality, created Business Boutique to help equip women to make money doing what they love.
At the beginning of November, I flew to Nashville with my SIL of the Life + Bread blog to attend the Business Boutique 3-day event. Picture parking yourself in front of a fire hydrant, telling someone to turn on the water, and opening your mouth. That’s a pretty good description of what it feels like to attend BB.
It’s overwhelming… and it’s the best. So much good, practical business tips and so much cathartic, inspiring spiritual wisdom packed into 3 days.
I got to meet Christy! (Cue big, fan-girling smile)

As part of my reflection process, I thought I would share some of my takeaways from the event.

1. You will experience fear in every stage of business (and life). If you wait until you’re not scared to do x, y, or z, you will never do it. Instead, as Christy challenged us, do it scared.
2. A simple message is the best message. Or as keynote speaker Donald Miller of StoryBrand says, “If you confuse, you’ll lose.”
3. Stop saying “I’m a mom with a side business” and start saying, “I’m a business owner.” We need to take ownership of the fact that we are strong, capable businesswomen!
4. Learn to pitch your product/service, not prove. You don’t need to explain away reasons to buy your product. Be confident. Be succinct. Pitch.
5. Talk positively to yourself. So many times we compliment others, but speak harshly about ourselves. Christy helped us gain perspective by having us write an encouraging letter to an anonymous person, but at the end of the conference, Christy had us write our names at the top and read them to ourselves. It was the most powerful moment for me! It was a great reminder that we need to be kind to ourselves.
For a deeper explanation, check out my Instagram post about the story around this letter.
6. Don’t apologize. Christy said, “If you’re making the wrong people mad, you’re doing it right.” So don’t apologize if you have haters who aren’t in your target market – they don’t matter anyway!
7. Schedule your priorities. If your priorities don’t make it on to your calendar, they’re likely to get replaced by things that don’t really matter to you. Literally block out time on your calendar for your priorities, and don’t budge. *This is one of my biggest struggles that I’ve been working on since BB.*
“Successful people manage their time on purpose and with intentionality.”
                                                                                                                   -Christy Wright
Which of these takeaways resonates most with you? Let me know!
Any BB attendees out there? Share with us what you learned!